Green Service Europe considers the optimal use of water of paramount importance in order to safeguard the required amount of water everybody needs.
Therefore, we are working on water purification projects, not only on classical (more easily) waste water flows but on difficult-to-treat waters as well.
Green Service Europe possesses extensive knowledge in the treatment of industrial and agricultural waste waters, which is applicable both on large-scale and small-scale facilities.

This can include the purification and/or upgrade of:

- Digestate
- Effluent from manure treatment systems
- Liquid fraction from manure treatment systems
- Industrial waste water
- ...

In consultation and after in-depth analysis of the input streams, Green Service Europe looks for the optimal solution to meet the specific requirements (water to discharge, process water, ...).

Our work in the world of wastewater treatment includes the study phase, the implementation and operational phases. We can provide you with:

- Consultancy and feasibility studies
- Integration, design and construction of wastewater treatment infrastructure
- Troubleshooting and supervision of (existing) wastewater treatment equipment