Why choose a biogas installation?

As fossil fuels become depleted, the ever-expanding world population is obliged to look for alternative energy sources. Moreover, the use of fossil fuels have major implications both for greenhouse gas emissions (burning of fossil fuels) as for human health (air pollution). Biogas installations reduce greenhouse gas effect as CO2 (carbon dioxide) is 24 times less harmful than CH4 (methane).
Biogas installations use the proprietary waste flows as a renewable source of energy and aid contributing to a circular agriculture or industry. In this way, the use of external energy sources are avoided.
Regardless of the sun, wind or water as energy source, biogas plants are able to provide a continuous generation of power. When using solar or wind energy, you are dependent on weather conditions.
As biogas installations provide local energy production, you are independent of changing electricity prices.
Digesters convert the waste into a product that can be employed as a fertilizer whose nutrients are easier absorbed by crops, especially in case of cow manure.
Biogas installations valorise the content of your waste causing waste no longer being valued as an end product, but as a sustainable source of energy and other important raw materials.
In combination with a CHP (combined heat and power) system, heat is also produced which can be utilized on your own farm or industry.
Biogas installations convert the current cost of disposing waste into revenues.